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Nope, we're not gonna talk about the 2nd Amendment, just the amazing machines themselves.

So, please, share your favorites, the ones on your wishlist, the big turds you wished you'd never fired.

My current, "Damn, I WANT this gun!" LIST:

Taurus 24/7 OSS Tactical in .45 ACP

Marlin Lever Action .410 Shotgun

Marlin XL7 (haven't decided which caliber, yet)

I'm sure something else will catch my eye...And yes, I am a serious Marlin fan.

My trusty 1964 Marlin 336RC looks pretty much like this, 'cept with a decent scope added and a sling:

For now, this is my "new to me" favorite pocket shooter:

FEG MBP in .32 ACP
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