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Originally Posted by Tiger95
I pick up my new K1200s this Saturday.

I got the white aluminum metallic color, with the so-staggeringly-ugly-they're almost-beautiful yellow rims. Now I'll have a Caspian Blue Triumph steamer, and the new silver/yellow Beemer.

I'm a sucker for wacky-looking bikes, I guess.

The K12S will be bone stock, but I'll post pics this weekend anyway.

if all falls into place I'll be doing the exact same thing - same color too. I think the white aluminum is stunning, but agree that with the blue wheels from the tri-color version Rydor's post #198 it might be a little more stunning. Strangely enough I would be book-ending the K1200 series. I bought one of the first K1200RS's in 1997, and perhaps one of the last K1200S's in 2008. The K1200RS was traded with 88,000 miles on the clock for a GSXR 1000, which currently has 66,000 miles.

Good luck.
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