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Originally Posted by HiTechRedneck
Nope, we're not gonna talk about the 2nd Amendment, just the amazing machines themselves.

So, please, share your favorites, the ones on your wishlist, the big turds you wished you'd never fired.

My current, "Damn, I WANT this gun!" LIST:

Taurus 24/7 OSS Tactical in .45 ACP

How big are your hands?

IMHO, this pales compared to the HK USP 45. When we were first allowed to switch up to .45 I stuck with my 9mm (Sig 226) because all of the 45's were single stack mags, so 8rds total (w/ 1 in the tube), and they only allowed Smith, Ruger or Sig

When I finally got the HK, I shot it much better than the 9mm, and I got 12rd mags.

Other guns I lust for

a Browning Citori 525 pheasant?

I've got an old Remington 722 in 200 Savage that I still use for deer hunting (shit, I just looked - it was made in 1948 )

A Remington 870 wingmaster

sold the 30/30


Ruger Ranch rifle (cuz a mini 14 is an assault rifle)

coupla 22's

too tired to remeber

The gist is, I'm pretty happy with what I got. (except for wanting the Citori)

I mean, really, I'm hunting with a 60 yr old rifle
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