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Originally Posted by GaelicDog
1) When working under a car ALWAYS disconnect the battery.
Had a friend working on his 69 Camaro and crossed the starter connections
and it lurched forward falling off the ramps. It pinned his head between the
frame and ramp. He was there for over an hour before his parents returned.
The wall was covered in blood where he was screaming for help. He
survived. He has a nice plate in his head. He is now nicknamed lumpy.

In my youth i was replacing the front tire of a VW beetle that was on a scissor jack.
The wheel had attached itself to the hub so i grabbed the wheel at the six and twelve o'clock position and rocked... it off the jack

My hand was caught between the tire and front fender for more than two hours before someone heard my screams for help.

Grab a stuck wheel at the nine and three o'clock position before yanking on it.
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