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Originally Posted by Velvet Elvis
Anybody know anything about these? I love it, but know very little about it other than the history of how it came into our possession (not my photo but gun is the same). Model 1873 Springfield.

It's the only gun I own; family heirloom that hasn't been fired for at least 80 years. Can it be tested or inspected for safety, and is ammunition available or could be handmade?

I'm not currently a gun guy, but I can feel it coming on...
Nice Trapdoor. Ammo is widely available for it. GOEX makes factory blackpowder ammo. Federal and Ultramax make "Cowboy" ammo in .45-70. It's specifically loaded for the pressures the Trapdoor can tolerate (one of the weakest rifle actions). Before firing make sure the firing pin moves freely in the breechblock, the breechblock is not excessively loose in the hinge, and the bore is clean and free of obstructions. They're a lot of fun to shoot.
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