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Originally Posted by RockiesTwin
I"m a GPS newb and am running into a time crunch and am wondering if there is anyone in/around Denver that would have some time/willingness to sit down and show me the ups/downs of the XOG ? I'm curious if it's at all possible to load something like Google Maps as a basemap or overlay ??? For central America?? I have all the paper maps but it would be really nice to have something that shows me (approximately) near what road I'm lost on :)

I highly doubt Google maps can be imported into the XOG. They are very sensitive and have proprietary maps for the XOG. Also the maps from map Select are encoded with the serial number of the unit and can not be used in any other XOG. Map create maps can be used in any XOG. Map create7.0 covers the entire world, but everything outside the US is only highways with no Hwy names or small roads. I woud call and query them.
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