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Originally Posted by mkspear
Hopefully someone has an easy answer for what I am doing wrong here. I have no problem with making tracks on my mapsource computer software but when I download them to my 2720 I have no way to pull up tracks and navigate them, only "Routes" can be pulled up.
You did name your track 'ACTIVE LOG', right? It won't accept anything else. If you did name it something else, the 2720 acts as if it received it, but it won't show up.

Tools, My Data, Track Log

Set Map Display to Auto and you should see your track on the display.

There is only one track in the 2720. If you have track recording on and turn on and off the gps, when you download the track to MapSource, you will get a new track for every power-on sequence. Ex: Turn on gps, drive to dinner, turn off gps and go eat. Come back to car, turn on gps, drive home. You will see two different tracks in MapSource when you download them. They will both be called ACTIVE LOG nnn. nnn being the sequence number - 001 thru whatever.

'Navigating the track' is a bit tricky. There are no track controls for a saved track other than showing it or not showing it. The track is displayed as a single black dashed line. Not easy to see and there is no 'gps smarts' attached to it. Nothing to tell you a turn is coming up or anything like that. Its the equivalent of a line drawn on a paper map.

You may want to turn off track recording when you do this. Otherwise, you will get a dashed black line following you as you move and you could have trouble distinguishing the track ahead (where you want to go) from the track behind (where you've been).

You can do it but the 2720 isn't the greatest tool for this.
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