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I have changed seals and fluid in my forks but they are finally leaking again (after 5 years) and I want to revalve them by using and to make them perform better. The method looks easy enough and I have been toying with the idea for a couple of years now but I guess I haven't had the excuse (Everyone says its an amazing difference over stock) but I don't jump to these things as well as I do when motor performance is involved. As well This will be the first bike I will try to customize the suspension off of stock other than fluid change!

My issue is what sort of riding to set up to? it sounds like alot of trouble if it sucks to change it? But I will do it over my Christmas break to let everyone know how it went! (I hope)

Anyone else done their own fork/shock revalve? I'd be intersted in knowing what they thougth of their results?
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