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Originally Posted by GodSilla
Interesting and informative (for a newby to gps like me) discussion about recording tracks and downloading them to the PC.
I was wondering about doing it in reverse, creating tracks on the pc then uploading them to my 60CSx. Is this a reasonable thing to do? And is there some technique that simplifies this process if it is possible?
I've been fooling around with it, but I'm like a blind man in a supermarket, lots of stuff to grasp at but no idea what it really does. I select tools then stumble about onscreen, some things work and most things I try don't. It's crap software so I'd appreciate any advice or tips.

Or am I barking up the wrong tree and I should be using routes?
You certainly can create tracks using the "track draw" tool in Mapsource and then load them to your 60CSx. Make sure they don't have more than 500 points each though. The 60CSx has 20 saved track slots that can take tracks up to 500 points each.
Lots of folks use tracks for everything, but for routing where you know there are roads (and they are shown in your mapping software) I usually use routes.
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