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I did that.
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Hi Mike. I tried playing with the track draw tool, I traced a 12 kilometre twisty bit of dirt road, and it musta put 200 plus points/dots in there. For twisty stuff, to stay on track, that's pretty limiting as far as distance goes. I found I could drop points on the track and it used a lot less points per kilometre but just seems to straight-line the track, no good in twisties with lots of sidetracks.
I think part of my problem is that the offroad mapping available doesn't support autorouting. Otherwise I could place points at either end and a few at important turns and be done with it. I'm not sure of how to use tracks more efficiently and stay on-track, so routes may be more appropriate for what I'm playing with.
I have a 200 kilometre ride to do, and I'm thinking I may need to do it as a route to follow, and log it as a track while riding it to get an accurate stay-on-the-trail set of data.
Gotta love this learning curve.
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