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I did that.
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Originally Posted by tbirdsp
Are you doing what I did at first with the track draw tool - holding the left mouse button down as you trace your path? Yes, that's how I started out. I also tried as you describe in the next couple of sentences, but for following curves in places honeycombed with tracks it's labour-intensive and cumbersome. It turned out to be a primitive try at what I ended up using, which doesn't try to follow the road or trail exactly and uses much fewer points..That was driving me nuts until I asked here and figured it out. You can just move along your intended path and click to drop points as needed to follow the curves accurately. Or is this what you mean by "drop points on the track"? Yes.
Just straight line the parts that are straight anyway and add a bunch of points to the curves
Since you said your maps don't support autoroutiing but you talked about "do it as a route to follow" I guess you mean an off-road route (straight lines between points). In that situation I still think it's far better to draw a track to follow. An off road route is gonna be just like a track only with less points and it will give you a general idea of which way to the next point. I'd rather follow a track. Understood.
I've managed to spend a couple of hours playing around with the knowledge I have digested here. I've made a track for 196km that should be followable on the screen, with roads and trails visible on screen at 800m scale, and saved it on the laptop as well as to the unit, and swapped mapsets on the unit to a one I like better. The help here is invaluable in getting people up to speed, heartfelt thanks.
I was wondering a couple of other things. I read an inmate somewhere stores tracks in a folder called just that, tracks, on his data card. I tried it but the unit just didn't pick it up, and there seems no facility to change directory, so to speak, so does this mean the 60CSx unit reads from the garmin directory only?
And the other thing I'd like to change is the colours used on the actual map, is that possible? I've looked everywhere but can't find an option for it.
And I'm assuming the unit will support me following one displayed track (the one I made) while logging the current track I am riding at the same time? Thanks.
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