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Originally Posted by GodSilla
I was wondering a couple of other things. I read an inmate somewhere stores tracks in a folder called just that, tracks, on his data card. I tried it but the unit just didn't pick it up, and there seems no facility to change directory, so to speak, so does this mean the 60CSx unit reads from the garmin directory only?
The 60CSx stores tracks it receives from MapSource in its internal track memory. It has room for 20 stored tracks and the ACTIVE LOG, the current track. There is no concept of a folder here. These track memories are built-in to the unit. The 20 stored tracks can be set to displayed or not, what color, and the like, but not organized otherwise.

When the 60CSx is recording tracks (your breadcrumb trail), it is recorded into the ACTIVE LOG track. If you congifure it, it will also record your track onto the memory card as a .gpx file. This is a one-way process in the gps unit. You cannot see or use this track in any way from the gps unit. You can transfer these gpx tracks into MapSource and edit/store them and then transfer one or more of them back to the gps into one of the 20 stored tracks.

I wonder if your original poster was referring to storing tracks from MapSource? There, of course, you can organize the files and folders on your PC any way you like.

Originally Posted by GodSilla
And the other thing I'd like to change is the colours used on the actual map, is that possible? I've looked everywhere but can't find an option for it.
Your manual is worth reading.

Hit Menu twice, Setup, Display. You have a bunch of choices in daytime and nighttime color schemes. Pick the one you like best.

Originally Posted by GodSilla
And I'm assuming the unit will support me following one displayed track (the one I made) while logging the current track I am riding at the same time? Thanks.

It can't be repeated often enough. Set your 60CSx to record a detailed gps track log to your memory card. This does not affect your use of tracks otherwise. Most of us find this tool invaluable, especially if you're a 'track guy', or gal.

HTH. Have a great Thanksgiving and be thankful Garmin made us such a cool toy to play with the rest of the year.
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