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I did that.
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Thanks for the replies Phil.
I did some more searching and found it was CMWody who had a "routes" folder, and the way it read it implied he had it on his unit, but it wasn't specific. No big deal for me, I was just curious is all.
I'd had a play with the colour schemes prior to asking the question about map colours, and all it seemed to do was change colours in other screens, and change the colours of the borders, text, and text-box background colours. It's the actual map display itself I'd like to change. I'm starting to think the actual map colours may be static.
I've also fooled around with my newly-mastered track skills and different maps. The maps all seem to use the same source data, as even at high zoom when I flick betwen the 3 different mapsets I have they all line up exactly the same onscreen. This makes the track highly portable between products (luckily).
I haven't bought CN yet, and the local Aussie product is similar to yours in that it has a pretty good backroad and trail coverage, quite impressive actually. I want it for the autorouting feature, since the offroad maps don't do this, but I've been reading how the 60CSx doesn't exactly comply with what you download, unlike say a 276, and will recalculate your explicit route for you (bummer) so I'm still on the fence for this. The real killer is that I can buy a consumer-grade gps with autorouting street maps, that's hardware and software just ready to turn on and use, with a host of useful features, for considerably less that the cost of CN alone. Garmin pricing is a bit rich IMO, especially when you take into account the useability issues they have with it (to put it mildly).
Anyway, I'm making progress and learning, thanks to folks like yourself, and I've gotta be happy about that. I just need the rain to stop here and my shoulder to heal and I'm right to go, and getting toey to ride too!
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