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I'm in

This is something that I've been wanting to do in EUG fo a while!

Where I used to live, ( up in WA) we'd meet during PST (Pacific Standard time... dark and wet) for beers and such on Wednesdays at 6pm. and durin PDT in the good weather, we'd eat and go for a 1-2 hour ride, and split off before dark.

Times are different for me now, as time is a little in short supply, but I'd love to at least have a group meet for a defenite excuse to ride!

I'd participated with the Eugene Sport Bike website group on group rides, but there is a bit much 'boy racer' during rides to make me feel safe. Nice folks though....

"Nobody ever sells their bikes at Guzzi rallies........ But the upside is that you may get into a good fight and have the opportunity to have sex with some-being of a different species."-Pete Roper
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