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Originally Posted by lascsteve
I'm thinking of getting a .30 M1 Carbine from the CMP. Anybody got one? What's your opinion of it? Ammo availibility/cost ? Accuracy?
If you are getting a CMP gun I'd recommend the Garand rather than the carbine. The ammo for the carbine isn't all that plentiful compared to 30-06. You really have only one loading and that's a 110 grain slug of whatever flavor (ball, hp or sp) there is. It's not really cheap stuff now. It's not known for accuracy or effectiveness in the field. It was a replacement for a pistol so you could hit something at farther than touching range.

The carbine is a hoot to shoot and does have some history if you already own the Garand. It's great for smaller folks to shoot and is handy but given a choice of a M1 Carbine or even an SKS and I'd go with the SKS. Far better round and just as handy.
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