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My solo adventure running an SS1000….
I had originally planed on taking my run in the middle of April, but a good friend of ours had a really bad motorcycle accident… a few days before my departure..
Well being a woman, I elected to wait. I decided on the last Thursday in May...2007
Talked it over with my husband… And he said go for it… I did ask him if he would like to run it with me… He declined as a friend was going to stay with us for a few days…
And well someone had to be at the farm to greet him…..
I packed a small gas can in the trunk… The night before … Don (Hubby) didn’t want me to be on the road over night, so a 1000 out and back wasn’t going to sit good with him…I looked the route over.. So I thought I would do a turn around … He agreed that was OK with him…. We had done so many high mileage days together, so long hours in the saddle wasn’t a problem for me…Plus I had done many runs to visit my folks alone 500 miles away... So the solitude wasn’t a problem…Just me my bike & the road… Yeah!!!
I just wanted to do it myself…. I did have a time frame I wanted to shoot for, other then the 1000 in 24 …. I was looking for 1000 in 15 …..
Needless to say I didn’t sleep well the night before… Kind of like the night before Christmas as a kid….Ok so I never grew up…
But that’s always normal for me..
I was up real early... But it was so foggy that morning I was forced to leave a little later then I wanted…. Oh well best laid plans… But it wasn’t that bad just made the other end a little later…..
So from where we live, it was 14+ miles from my first fuel stop over the mountain and the first dated receipt…. Now it’s was getting close to 6:15… I told my honey I’ll call ya in a few hours … First gas stop was at 6:33 am…… I was off n running!!!!
The day turned out to be just great …. Lots of sun but not to hot out…. The next few stops went nice n smooth….
All is well then I see way up ahead.. STOPPED traffic!!! Oh crap!!!! Yuppers, was stopped for about 25 mins. A nasty truck accident …. The driver was killed… Hmmm... Maybe it was a good thing I left later then I wanted after all... My mind raced I could have been in the middle of a real bad wreck!!
Well back on the road….. Bike was running great…. For one that has 100k+ on it….
I was really enjoying this run till………. A white pick up truck threw a cup out of the window.. Ok no big deal…. But then they started throwing more trash out the window!!
Now it was becoming a little worrisome to me… As I felt they where trying to hurt me… In traffic! I used my CB and started talking to the truckers that where around me… They saw what was going on and wanted to help… Cool I thought…. Well they boxed the white truck in and I twisted the throttle and nailed it and was out of harms way in a flash….Dang I love the power of my bike… It was a good size hill that we all were pulling…. But a Valkyrie has a 1520 cc engine with 6 carburetors… And it ran that hill with out worries weaving thru traffic…
Sometimes it’s nice being a female… As I don’t think the truckers would have helped that fast if I was a guy…
All was good once again…. Made my turn around point in Jackson TN...The time was 1:35 ct …Was right on time too!!! Yeah!!! Called my Hubby to let him know I was on my way home…And doing great…
All was going well till I was in Nashville again… Another bad accident!! This time I sat for 54 minutes on the IS with the bike off… UGH…. I thought that this is going to hurt my time…
But I did hope no one got hurt in this long shut down.….. I did get to talk to this rider for a bit….

I took this photo right before we had come to a full stop…..
The rest of the afternoon and evening went great… Traffic was moving along well…
Talked to a few truckers on the CB, and one was empty and said get right be hind me and I’ll plow the road for you …. And man oh man did he …. Ok I know your not really suppose to draft but hey, he knew I was back there…And we hit triple digits YeeHaw !!!
Now that was fun while it lasted….. Then the hills started once again and I said my see yaws … I pulled out of the line and passed all the trucks…. My stops where still fast..
I would call Don as I was heading to a rest room.. Multi tasking …LOL…
I pulled into my last stop... Topped off the tank got my receipt.. Call my Honey and told him I was heading over the mountain….
My total time was 16h 50 min for 1026 miles…So with the 2 traffic accidents … I missed my personal time… Oh well…. But all in all it isn’t a bad time…To turn in..

I still have all my paper work… Funny I never turned it in… Why … I don’t know..
I guess cause I did it for ME…

I did get this cool shot .. So I did have fun doing my run..
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