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The above link will take you to a blogpost I wrote. I enjoyed an 8-year relationship with a 1995 PC800, putting nearly 100,000 miles in the rearview mirrors over that time. I think all the information you're looking for is in that essay, but I've noticed that you've received a couple urban legends about the PC that I should put to rest.

The '89 model not only had problems with the stator, but with the rear tire rubbing on the underside of the trunk lid. Both problems were fixed for the '90 model year and beyond. To be honest, in my experience, and in the collective memories of the Internet Pacific Coast Riding Club (IPCRC) there hasn't been a stator problem in any of the other model years. Yes, it's true there isn't a lot of headroom in that stator, and you have to carefully count wattage when you load up the aftermarket electronics. But on my PC, the impact of those add-ons impacted the battery more than the stator. Yes, I know its counter-intuitive, but true nonetheless.

There have only been two PC engines that have died, again according to the IPCRC. In both cases, the owner did his own oil change --- and forgot to put the new oil back in. They both got more than 30 miles down the road before the pistons seized. The record for longevity is 300,000 miles, a bike that was done in by an inattentive minivan driver.

I still see many PC's for sale on the 'Net with low miles, <20k, for under 5 grand. And I know that parts are still very available (IPCRC can give you sources). Buying ANY used bike involves due diligence on the part of the purchaser. But with rare exceptions, a used PC is a good investment, particularly if you're in the riding game for the long haul. Whether doing 5,000 miles through the American Southwest, a round-trip to Alaska, or rippin' it up at Deals Gap, the PC fills the bill.

Anyway, read the post referenced above, and if you have any additional questions, you can email me from the blog. If I don't have the answer, I know some 4,000 IPCRC members in 18 countries who probably do.
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