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possible meet-up spots

Fall Creek tavern,Unity,good bar food, you can smoke, plenty roomy, too far away.

Alibi tavern, spfld, good bar food, you can smoke, kinda small, but expanding, (could be crowded on a pool or dart league night.)

Pour House tavern, spfld, great food, you can smoke, lots of room.

Overtime tavern, Eugene, good bar food, smoking outside under a tented area, lots of room, and no threat of lack of bike parking, all the PoserHardlys will be put away for the year

O'Donnell's Irish Pub, Eugene, good bar food, covered area outside for smokers, usually low key, room enough for a bunch of ADV'er to take over.

McShanes, Eugene, lots of room,Okay to smoke, I have heard both good and bad about their food, service can be slow from my experience.

Sam's Place, Eugene, used to have pretty darn good bar food, got room enough, no idea as to service and amenities, have not been in there for a time.

I'm trying to think of locations which may not freak out at a bunch of riders showing up, all wanting drinks of some kind, maybe all wanting food, some smoke, some don't, some swear and laugh loudly, and fart as needed in mixed company, without embarrassment.
Some places will work for some of us, and some may be a total curse to avoid to others. Personally, I am not a big fan of Eugene, the City. (Iliked it fine in '69) We'll have to kinda go by braille,,feel our way along until the consensus is in a comfortable setting. Otherwise,, hell I don't need YFF's to go for a beer and get together with complete strangers and have a good time, but a crew of ADV folk might come off okay.
So,, if you have a favorite spot, & they have somewhat secure parking for bikes, passable food, and a good friendly attitude, and it's not right next door to the police station,, post it up,,suggestions are the seed of decisions.
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