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Hey, hey ..... I've been out of the loop for a few days ......

Basically I just got swamped, between work, working on one of my bikes, and I picked up a little side job - which I'm about to head off to.

I little extra cash is always a good thing.

They might do something at Papa's Pizza on Thursday ...... I'm not sure.

I like the idea of going to one place one week, another place next week, and so on .....

I'm mean, C'mon it's Eugene / Springfield / Lane County - there aren't that many establishments .......

Thursdays are probably a good day ...... but really for me, just about any day is as good as another ..... Time is a different thing. Either it has to be early enough, that I can go right from work to the meeting spot, or a little later, so I can stop at home and let my dogs out ...... but other than that - I'm flexible .....

Do we want to start up this upcoming week? Perhaps Thursday? If so, I can pick the first place, or Peterman can, or whomever ......

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