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Originally Posted by XR650Rking
are you going to do valve adjustments?

I've had good results like you described ...better with the wheel than with the kickstarter, I find the kickstarter has a tendency to make the flywheel bounce backwards at time and not be as smooth and if you have a stock cam the autodecompressor will engage causing your valve adjustments to be off. So make sure its a constant slow movement to TDC and I think you should be fine!
I've got a friend that showed me how last weekend... I sort of helped, and it seems all went well. The only part that made me nervous was that before the adjustment we dialed it to TDC a few times with NO movement in the rockers, which made me think that we weren't at TDC, but my friend said that my valves were just way too tight, and that i should have done it awhile ago. I just had the bike out and it feels fine. I read that it should sound like a sewing machine if it's done correctly, and i don't think it has that sound really.

Should i ride it around and then go check the tolerances again? I'm amazed at how "easy" it is to get in there and tinker!
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