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Originally Posted by kawidual
I wish it was 2 yrs ago, was set on Roatan back then...
My buddy is starting his gig in Kona on 2/1.

We will probably start in a cheaper 2br close to Kona.
Then start searching for a dog friendly place with a larger yard.
Have seen some nice 3b 2 ba places on a 1/2 - 1 acre for @ $1500-1800.
Above Kona, or 8-10 miles south.

Im probably out of here in 4 months...
Have to wait on the dog stuff. Cool thing is they have a
instant release with no quarentine if you get your shit together before arrival.
2 rabies shots, blood sample to lab, 120 day incubation for rabies,
so you have to wait 4 months for the good test result.

Then me & the pups can fly over on the same plane!

Going to bring over my 4x4 van & the KLX400.
If I get a 950 SE before I leave it is getting slow boated over too.
Chances are better picking one up while Im still mainland me thinks.

If you know anybody renting a dog friendly 3b 2ba place, selling a 950 SE,
or a decent zodiac with a 25hp or bigger motor let me know.

Mods, can we please get a Hawaii forum. I mean come on, Alaska has it's own & it's cold & shit...

Beers & fish on me when we show up.
Believe me, I know the Q thing is rough, brought a Ridgeback over in '92 before there was the "Take care of it before you come rule" and I also let a guy and his wife use my old house while I was overseas so they could be closer to their pup that was incarcerated in a Kea'au facility....

Absolutely right on buying before arrival, over here prices are highly inflated and 950's are few and far in between...

My advice is to dump the 950 and look for a single cylinder plated bike in the 450 cubes or less range, better yet a plate an real enduro, you'll run out of places to ride real quick with the twin. The KLX will be fine for maybe the first six months and then you'll want to get serious, a motard would last much longer. Of course from Kona it won't be much fun riding to the serious trails.

What kind of dogs? We're in the market for a companion to the current Ridgeback.
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