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Originally Posted by Southest US Thumper
Believe me, I know the Q thing is rough, brought a Ridgeback over in '92 before there was the "Take care of it before you come rule" and I also let a guy and his wife use my old house while I was overseas so they could be closer to their pup that was incarcerated in a Kea'au facility....

Absolutely right on buying before arrival, over here prices are highly inflated and 950's are few and far in between...

My advice is to dump the 950 and look for a single cylinder plated bike in the 450 cubes or less range, better yet a plate an real enduro, you'll run out of places to ride real quick with the twin. The KLX will be fine for maybe the first six months and then you'll want to get serious, a motard would last much longer. Of course from Kona it won't be much fun riding to the serious trails.

What kind of dogs? We're in the market for a companion to the current Ridgeback.
Have 2 sets of rims/tires for the 400 so I might fend off boredom for a little while.
I know the 950 SE might be overkill there, but Id like to have something
with a little more power for 2up stuff and running up & over the mountain.
The 690 enduro is another option, toss up, but wont be quite as nice for 2up.

My pups are shep/dobbie mix, and my buddy is bringing over his lab.
Know of any dog parks? I think almost all beaches are off limits to dogs, or am I wrong?
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