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Originally Posted by SheRidesABeemer
Interesting ride report, it's a shame that it is hidden in the women's rider forum.
I do not understand why so many women riders feel a need to segregate themselves.
I can't speak for anyone else but I like having a Women's thread where we can chat with other women about things we enjoy. Sometimes we compare notes on rides, places to go, and even what to wear. Some of these things are the same for women as it is for men but other things are different for women. Some times things I do the gals would be a lot more interested in it than the guys and I will just post it here. Other times I think or hope everyone will enjoy a ride report and I will post in ride reports and add a link here for the ladies.

I don't know that women feel a need to segregate themselves, I certainly don't, but I do like to be able to meet an visit with other gals that ride. I love the guys but there are times when the testosterone fest gets to be too much for me and I prefer the company of other women. There are plenty of gals out there that have the desire and ability to ride the adreline pumping pace the guys enjoy but that's not me. A place to go where there are other gals encoraging each other is a plus as far as I'm concerned. That doesn't make is segregation only a place that has a common interest. Similiar to the threads or forums that are motorcycle type specific.

I pop in here and visit with gals but my main playground is in regionals, the PacificNorthwet specifically. I'm sure the other gals that come here to visit also have another area they post in as well.

With all that being said I hope to see more posts from you here and you will share some of your Adventures with us. I did check out your ride report which I missed in when you posted it in Ride Reports: Congratulations on being featured in the AMA magazine. I also see you were in Spokane for a rally I attended as well, I'm disappointed I didn't have the opportunity to meet you.
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