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Originally Posted by Fowl Monkey
6 in all three of us showed up on our adventure machines and braved the night 1 bmw 1tigar 1KLR 2 cars...The funny thing is I dont have a clue to who any one is name wise . we all had a nice time the drinks were wet the for was good and the service was slow......but it was a good time and new friends for sure....just wish I was better with names.........
Sir, we are no longer in need of maintaining real names, as long as we have screen names. Please notify your parents, family, and past friends that you are no longer to be addressed as "_____". You must all call me by my screen-name forever-after!

I agree,, the service,, we could have been assembling a 'new cooler submarine' over there at our table, and all we would need do is flood the fuggin place with water before anyone would notice!,,but then,, move all them tables to one side, and you could have yer Tech day in there out of the weather!,,and the staff would never notice!,,works both ways,, good to meet you,, I think,,
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