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Where we riding to?
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Originally Posted by Jack90210
I'd love to see a good comparo vs. an RT.
I rode my R1200RT on our Kootenay ride this summer and traded for a day with a friend on her C14. First impression is the C14 is hot, especially compared to the RT which gives off zero heat. It was a 100+ day and I was keeping my right leg away from the fairing due to the heat. Now to be fair, I forgot my chaps at home which I normally wear all the time and heat isn't usually an issue, but I was just wearing my draggin jeans and it was uncomfortably hot.

I was taking it easy, mainly because I didn't want to bin the C14. I found the C14 sort of heavy steering, hard to describe and the feeling was going away near the end of the day so it may have just been getting used to the new bike. We were riding in a group so I wasn't as free to put the bike through it's paces like I normally would on a "demo" ride. Power is immediate and everywhere, obviously and what kind of surprised me was how easy it was to ride, it wasn't scary fast. I only took it up over 6000rpm a few times before I had to back off, we were on some fairly tight twistie unfamiliar roads, so again not the best place for me to see what the bike could do. I wasn't sold on it and definitely came away with the feeling that I don't really see owning one in my future.

I did sell my RT this summer right after we got back from that trip and bought a Honda CBF1000 to replace it. The CBF has similar power characteristics as the C14, it has power everywhere and shifting is optional, but just obviously not in as big of doses as the C14. I'm a naked bike guy at heart, the RT was actually my wife's bike that we ended up with sitting in the garage after she bought her Ninja and I rode for 33,000kms. I was just telling a friend who rides a ZX14, it's his wife who owns the C14, that Kawi needs to come out with a naked 14 like Suzuki did with the B-King, but just make it a basic naked bike and not some space age looking weird bike. After all, that's what the ZX14 and C14 are all about is the motor, show that baby off!
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