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CB250 dualsport

I put dualsport tires on my baby nighthawk. (CB250)

It does OK on gravel roads and is a little squirlley on sand roads in the desert, but most dualsports aren't much better? The best part is the 298 pounds for the bike.

My riding pardner has an older XL350 and it's much heavier and harder to handle. We really enjoy the weekend rides.

I put DOT knobbies (Shinko 244 4.10"x18" tire on front, Bridgestone TW40 120/90x16" on rear).

Both the above tires lasted about 10K and now I have a Chen Shin 180 on the front (K70 Dunlop knockoff) and a Chen Shin 907 on the rear. I got the tires cheap at a garage sale. I like the front tire but it kept sliding out in the snow last week. The back tire spins easy in snow, but works great in the rain.

I commute 250 miles per week on the bike and take rides into the Cascade mountains on the weekends. It's been averaging around 70 mpg for the last 10,000 miles. Most of my weekend rides are under 200 miles per day.

Last weekend I put a garage sale luggage rack with back rest on the bike. It took some cutting and welding, but I love the backrest now. It slides in and out of the rack so it works solo for me, or slide back so a passenger has a backrest. I have a Rubbermaid ActionPacker as a top box and will make side box brackets soon.

My brother and I used our 1966 Suzuki S-32 twins to ride from Newport, Oregon to Germinson Landing in Northern BC, north of Fort Saint James, BC when we were in high school. It was a two month trip and we ran knobby tires and carried the stock take-off's as spares. They weren't needed.

We took a pup tent and a 2-man raft for fishing. We only had a few breakdowns. My bike threw the rings on the right piston but still ran. We made it back to Fort Saint James and the local Evenrude repairman put in a Evenrude piston and rings in my bike after drilling the piston to use my wrist pin. The bike ran for years with the outboard piston on the right side.

We did farm day labor along the trip to pay the bills. A trip to remember, but were too dumb to take a camera. Just memories now...

Smilin Jack
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