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Originally Posted by KenB
When I was considering buying a C14, I did some research on this to check the cost and see if it was something I'd want to do myself.

I came across this picture over on from someone that was doing the valve job himself, and was not having fun. I decided to call the dealer's service manager.

The service manager said it would be 5 hours at $80/hour and the interval is every 15K miles.
That doesn't look much worse than my BMW RT.

In all honesty it took longer to take the plastic off that first time than it did to check/adjust the valves. I was taking my time and making sure I didn't miss a screw etc. and break something. Subsequent jobs went much faster but it still took just as long to remove all the plastic as it did to do the actual work. That's just a fact of life of faired bikes and if you have a dealer do your servicing, then you're gonna pay someone $80/hr to remove said fairings. That's one of the reasons I buy a service manual and prefer to do the work myself. Also one of the reasons why I prefer naked bikes, they allow you to just get to work.

But seeing a pile of plastic like that on the floor, shouldn't discourage anyone from trying this or from buying the bike if they really like it. Just count on an extra hour or two spent every 15,000mi, no big deal.

I thought the oil change procedure on Jodie's BMW F650 was ridiculously complicated the first time I did it. Mainly because it was the first dry sump bike we had ever owned. All our other bikes were drain plug with spin on filter and 10 minute jobs. But after my second time with the F650 it only took another 15 minutes to do an oil change. Big deal, every 10,000kms.

So many people like to complain about the valve adjust interval on BMW boxers, but sheesh, it's a 15-20 minute job and could be done on the side of the road if necessary.

Our bikes are machines and machines need maintenance. If the bike makes you smile, then doing the maintenance isn't a big deal, it's all part of the experience.
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