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Originally Posted by elmosisu
I'm gonna wus out on this one ( again) . CG is too far in this weather. Someday... (sigh)
It'll happen ....... Plus I want to sometime check out your Capo.

Not like as in, tear ass around on it, but check it out. I've never seen one in person.

As it stands - G-Funk is out. Not directly due to the weather, but about 25 some minutes ago I had one of my main servers go down.

I'm a network engineer ......

I'll be here, I'm sure, for at least another 1 1/2 hours, and then I still need to go home and let the dogs out ....... so not even looking at possible weather issues, I wouldn't be to McShanes till prolly 7:30pm, at best.

If anyone is going - have one or two for me, eh ......

Next Thursday is X-Mas - so that's prolly off, I don't even think bars / pubs / etc will be open, but we could always switch it up and do Weds. or Fri.

Be safe everyone ......

Late ....

03 Caponord

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