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Originally Posted by timdog
ZappBranigan, I am doing a similar project. I am using an 84 Honda Nighthawk. It is a great low mileage, well maintained bike. I just couldn't get excited about the 80's styling. I thought with a little work it could be more of a UJM or scrambler style bike. Like yours, it is also shaft drive. I removed the rear shocks and starting jacking up the bike with a floor jack while spinning the rear wheel. At about 4 inches over stock the u-joint started to clunk. I settled on lifting it two inches in the rear. I was looking for some two inch over shocks, but couldn't find any I liked. The stock shocks were really nice and had lots of adjustments, so I kept them and relocated the stock upper mounts two inches lower on the frame. I am looking for some more aggressive tires. Other than that, it will be mostly cosmetic changes. I will post some pics soon.

Good luck with your project! I can't wait to see it.
How do you do the fronts, though? Seems like the backs are relatively easy - just fit a longer shock or do like you did and move the mounts lower.

I'm not much of a mechanic, and I've never taken forks apart. However, my fork seals are leaking and my fork boots are cracked so I'll need to have it apart soon anyway - might as well do some other work while I'm in there. Is it as simple as just putting in longer springs or is there some other work that has to be done?
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