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{Blaine at SW Moto tires wrote:
WE have been in business since Jan 1 of 2000 and have never sold, or given away any customer information. We do not store your information for future orders nor do we email you for sales or other crap. We did not solicit your business this time nor will we in the future. YOu found us, not the other way around.If you are as good as we are then you do not have to seek out business, it will find you. If you want us again , we will still be here. You will only hear from us if we hear from you first.
Thanks for your order and have a merry Christmas which is a day of celebration of the Birth of Christ.

blaine }

Originally Posted by openboatt
I'm humbled by the response to this post. 40+ responses, but better yet, over 1400 views. Now that's impressive! That's bounce! I never expected it to live this long, but thanks to you guys, it's still on the front page.

And to you discerning buyers, you folks who've looked in and observed the fun, think about who you want to do business with.
In the meantime, Merry Xmas (that's for you, Ventura Co). obt PS I'll check back in in a few days to see how things are going!
I guess I'm the only one to agree with you on this. I would not have cancelled the order but I might not order there based on the Smart Ass and RUDE response from "Blaine". Is this Jack Ass really the owner of SW tires? Jeesus, what a jerk. Funny? Sarcastic? Really?
I did not see that in his email at all. What I saw was the inappropriate reprimanding of a paying customer .... which is just bad business.

Some of you guys seem to know Blaine in person and think he's great. Based on a my business experience Blaine acted like an ASS. He has no idea how to treat a customer ..... YES ... you have to kiss their ASS and be nice even when the customer is over the top and wrong.

Ever dealt with New Enough? Now that is a good company that treats people right. Always. Even crazy people.

I've dealt with dozens of on-line companies for years and have never seen such an inappropriate response .... especially from the owner of the company!

An adding the religious scolding as some sort of Hell and Damnation reminder at the end was really really dumb. It's pretty common knowledge in business to leave your religious fanaticism at the door.

What I'm wondering is if possibly the OP is not telling us everything.
Could there be MORE back and forth between Blaine and Openboat, the OP?. Sure seems like it to me. But even the quoted email text is just plain wrong and not how pros treat customers.

As someone on this thread stated, Blaine could have simply
said ".... no, we don't share info. Thanks for your order, Merry Christmas." Leave the polemics out.

The part about "we do not seek your business" and "you sought us out" . This is just the stupidest frickin' thing you could ever say. The guy must of had a really really bad day.
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