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Originally Posted by olddealer
Hello adrenaline . I used to be a Honda dealer and mechanic but it's been a while. I have just started restoring a 1965 CB160 so I found this thread. I was reading your post about your idle problems and I reached back in time in my memory and I think you may have a bad advancer.. Either weak springs or it's sticky. It's also likely that you have plugged idle jets. The varying rpm would be the advancer and if the bike runs good hot but will not idle when warm it's probable you have a second problem with the jets. One other possibility is sticking throttle cable (s). If you un-do the slides be sure and put them back in such that the idle speed screw "ramp" is towards the idle speed adjust screw (s) . If put in backwards the slide will be 1/4 open or so when you start the bike. Great fun till it blows up! I don't think you described a petcock problem with the bike running ok down the road. I'm trying to work out casting up copies of the original plastic tank emblems for my bike that say CB160 using whats left of my emblems to make female molds. I've had some success but not quite right yet. Also I discovered that if bent a little from the sun they can be flattened with gentle heating and light persuasion. Is everyone aware how to straighten clutch/brake levers without breaking them even if they are pretzled? ..cheers... Dave
can you elaborate on the advancer? I would like to check that out. I don't think the jets are plugged because I went through the carbs and I soaked everything good in jets. I would believe that maybe the throttle cables are the culprit but it is intermittent. Well it does it almost all of the time cold but it doesn't do it warm.

My original thought was that it was leaking fuel out of the petcock and filling up the carbs and leaking into the cylinders then once the excess fuel is burned it runs right. Except that when it does idle back down it runs good but actually dies at an idol. I think I actually have two problems.

I am going to try an use a regular gas can with no petcock and see if that problem goes away.

Thanks for the advice and post some pics of your bike please.
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