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I talked with Blaine back when they still had a phone # you could call a few times, an he doesn't talk to you like a customer, but more like a fellow rider. In other words he doesn't feel a need to do the salesman "customer is always right" kiss -ass attitude. I respect the honesty, and even the sarcasm. Basically he let me know how little he really makes on tires after shipping, and I would guess he knows that we will come back for the prices and fast service, and loseing a single order isn't a big deal.

Remember when most motorcycle dealerships were like this? I miss that. Most seem like car salesman now days with big smiles, mission statements an fast talking. Maybe that's a better business model, but as a customer I'd rather know where I really stand.

Oh, and I just ordered 3 tires from them last Sunday and they arrived on Tuesday at a price no one will beat. Southwest could put an "ADVriders suck!" banner on their home page and I'd still order from them.....just business when all is said an done.
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