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Originally Posted by sleazy rider
Mmm, no, you don't have to kiss any idiot's ass in retail. Those are the folks that end up costing you money every time no matter how hard you try to take care of them. Show 'em the door and continue to provide great service to those that actually pay the bills. Word of mouth will override the loudmouth asses that think the world owes them everything for free.
I don't agree. When you "show 'em the door" it doesn't end there, as shown in this very thread. That "idiot" customer you've rudely shown the door now goes out and makes it his life's work to RUIN YOU AND YOUR REPUTATION.

In the case at hand, it would have been SO EASY for Blaine to be civil, friendly and even funny .... but NOT at the customers expense.
The guy was just plain wrong.
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