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Originally Posted by KarlJ
So I spent about 7 hours yesterday reading all 57 pages of this a result I had a headache, my wife is ignoring me (payback for yesterday), and my vision is somewhat blurry.

I live in Toronto, Canada and after having a few different leather and nylon jackets that never fit properly and were always short of being what I really needed I am really looking forward to ordering the Ultra II or the Riva.

The website sure needs a lot of work so I am grateful to the members that have posted there opinions, blogs, pics, and rants about this stuff.

I have e-mailed Wayne at Cycleport with a few questions that I will also post here if some of you could answer for me.

I plan on ordering the Aero-Tex WBW liner (non-insulated) with the jacket but I am confused about the two Kevlars; Air-Mesh & Stretch Kevlar

1) I will be riding from 40F to in Toronto the killer is the humidity and can raise temps about 15F to 105F.......and when I travel North even in July the temps will fall to the low 40' Mesh or Stretch(with the WBW liner)???

2) How much stiffer is the Mesh......I know some have described it as a "cheese grater"??? Does this mean that the Stretch Kevlar is soft?

3) I was considering flying out with my wife to San Diego to get measured up at Cycleport but with the cheapest flight being $1300 for the both of us I am considering recording myself and my wife measuring ourselves since I've read a few pages of "measurement issues" this too over-the-top?

Thank you in advance for replies to my Q's

1) Tough question. I have the stretch pants (but Halvarssons Safety Jacket for the top) and even with the liner in the pants I find them a little cold around 45F and below. So the mesh will fair worse in the colder temps. On the flip side when it hits 80F and above (yes occassionaly here.. ), I find the stretch a little hot. Partly due to the amount of armour blocking any ventilation they may have. So with humidity they'll be even warmer.

2) Don't know. But stretch is soft. Almost like a pair of good jeans.

3) Probably. You should be fine with measuring if you're careful and follow the instructions exactly. Measure a few times to be sure and give them a call if you're unsure. They're pretty helpful (it's in their interest) in getting your measurements right. I'd save your money on the flight and use it to upgrade to the quad armour. The tri armour offers little protection in my humble opinion (there's a lot of it yes, but it doesn't absorb very much impact compared to CE compliant armour. The quad armour however does).

Hope that helps!
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