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Originally Posted by roninwva
Has anybody dropped the counter sprocket to give it more bottom end and removed some of the junk on it to get a little trials type attitude? My local dealer is waiting for it's arival so I haven't seen one up close, but it does seem narrow in the pics and seems like it would make a good trials type trail bike.
My Sherpa actually came with an _11_ tooth front sprocket on it when I got it. You could put it in first gear, let out the clutch, and walk along beside it. It was worn to the point of being hooked when I got the bike, so I replaced it pretty quickly.

I don't think I'd got below a 13 tooth countershaft sprocket, though a 12 tooth is easily available (Moose M602-26-xx, where xx is the number of teeth, 12-15 available). I have a KLX250 case saver and sprocket cover installed on my Sherpa. They're less bulky than the stock cover, and don't hold the mud in as much.

For the rear sprocket, you'd probably have to go to someone like Sprocket Specialists to get something larger than stock.

Also, if you want to put a trials tire on the rear, you'll want to put a chain on that's long enough to have the adjusters all the way out. The tire will hit the swingarm if you don't.

If that's the kind of riding you like, the bike will probably work decently well for it. Be careful of banging up the stock skid plate too much, though. It's not very thick.
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