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Originally Posted by zxcvbnm
Im looking at a BRP with 20,000 km's on it with a heap of extras.

What sort of mileage do the engines get before the camchain, piston, crank etc need replacing.

Whats the deal with the right foot peg, I can see from the pics it has one bolt replaced already.

It depends how it was ridden. Checking the external condition of the chassis & engine is a good start.
Ask the owner what sort of riding was done it.
Highway, commuting, touring ? 20,000km is nothing.

Tight tracks in the mountains, single track, desert ? I'd say it could need a rebuild soon, by the 30,000km mark.

It would mostly only need a top end freshen up. Piston & rings, valves & seals.
You can check the condition of the engine usually by just test riding it. see if it burns any oil by seeing the smoke as you accelerate. have a mate watch as you ride off. Any funny noises from the bottom end will be evident as well.
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