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Tools used for repair:
-#0 Phillips screwdriver - 9 screws total
-1/8" flat bladed screwdriver to pry case apart
-small Exacto knife to clean and adjust contacts on connector
-magnifying glass
-little microscope with 60-100x magnification for closer inspection.
-20/40 watt soldering iron with pointed tip.
-small file to sharpen iron tip
-small piece of solder
-three little c-clamps to hold the pieces together while soldering
-multimeter to check for continuity

Used the Exacto knife to gently scrape the loose solder fragments away from the board and connector tabs. I gently bent the tiny tabs out a bit to ensure that they would touch the matching solder pads on the board when re-soldered. Be very careful here as those little tabs are tiny and delicate.

I checked continuity on the board first so I could check for shorts after soldering. I must apologize because I failed to record this info.

I used 3 little clamps to hold the parts together for soldering. Be careful not to over-tighten clamp or the tabs on back of board will bend.

Sharpened the tip of the iron as pointy as I could with a fine file. Re-tinned the tip and wiped off excess solder. Using the 40W setting I tacked the parts together by quickly touching 3 points of the original solder. Then I finished soldered the body of the connector to the pads on the board. It's not pretty but it should be stronger than the original solder joint.

I checked for shorts and continuity and all was good so far but I still needed to solder the 5 tiny little tabs somehow - My iron is way to big for this.

I decided to re-assemble the unit to see if I was on the right track.
Unit connects perfectly to pc now!!!
Now I just have to find a tiny soldering iron to do the little tabs. A pair of magnifying goggles would help too.

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