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Back when Microsoft used to host Fighter Ace online I was pretty damn good. I could strafe the enemy runway 20 feet off the ground at 250 knots quite accurately, fly off beyond the runway a nautical mile or two, pull an Immelman, and dive right back on the field for another pass. Eventually I got to where I wouldn't even pull the Immelman, I'd just loop and fly upside down about 20 feet off the runway, guns blazing. That was particularly humiliating to the enemy. But ultimately I figured out a better tactic.

The P38 - being a tricycle gear airplane - was capable of massive destruction to my teammates and their airplanes because it shot level on the ground, while every other plane was a tail dragger and couldn't shoot you when on the ground. And let's face it, what can possibly be more fun than friendly fire? So I'd get in my P38, pick one unsuspecting teammate, position myself so I was aimed at his spawning point, and each time he appeared all it took was a couple of seconds of well placed machine gun fire to cause the big bang and subsequent bright flash of fiery death by friendly fire. It was so gratifying! I used to do this over and over, with my teammates screaming at me through the chat window telling me I was ruining their war. Their war? This was MY war! The chatter of my machine guns, the explosions, the anger. Man, did that used to give me a woody. Or a steely, as in blue steel - the cat couldn't have scratched it.

Man, I miss that game. Thanks for the memories!
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