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I fly RC electric Scale models my interest is mainly WWI and pre WWI aircraft.

I also make flight sim models both RC and full scale, I have about 20 models uploaded to RC some recent piccies.

I also did a not very much appreciated sim model for cRaSH and AnnieGS of their Yellow-Bee, I assume they don't want it now...

My full scale stuff is done for Targetware, I'm on the development team for Richthofen's Skies. Something fun I did recently was to make a drivable WWI era Tramp Steamer with a couple of anti aircraft hard points, a Lewis AA MG and a 2 pounder auto cannon. I modeled the steam engine drive using some tweaked flight modelling files. This was originally a static "scenery" file. Now you can get into the cabin and take it for a spin.

Some of my RS aircraft. I've just recently finished an RAF RE8 and FE4,
and I'm working on a FE2b and a Farman F40. I also have about a half dozen pre WWI pioneer aircraft.

I have a big data base of model images on another website but unfortunately when they're linked here, they only last a couple of hours before being deleted or something.. I'm tired of transferring stuff to photo bucket....
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