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mini pc

I would stay away from the HP, simply because they are basically now "dolled up" presario crap, which I had for the last 10 years... good luck on support...

Hard Drives have come a long way my friend, I have no fear of the one in the Acer....
And I been carrying my megabuck Dell portable workstation back and forth to work, and every L/D ride and rally for 2 years in my bike probs. Just big....cuts down on valuable beverege hauling capacity...

the Home Shopping Network has my Acer ASPIRE One up there i think, a guy in our shop bought his there, and when I saw it it was my INSPIREation to looky and find mine.... it is a fine toy, and once you get it setup works well...check out TigerDirect for it though, they are running the best prices so far, if possible see if you can get it with the "bundled deal", where they toss in a mem stick and extra software (Ca security suite, open office and such)... they have been good to me, this is the second machine i bought from them this year....
You will need an external CD/DVD drive tho....usb style, as there is none in the unit. search out "LiteOn DVD dubber" it is out of stock, but it was a mega deal @ $50, and has high speed dubbing at a "one touch" feature on all formats of DVD and CD burning... Makes file loading tedious with only a 2gb memory stick ( which is another necessity for sure) for transferring stuff, and Mapsource/Garmin stuff will not load any other way other than off a disc. (with great difficulty but i'll explain that when you need to load it...just gotta manually use the MS loading stuff internal to the machine to make it see disc 2 of the software...)

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