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Originally Posted by Bucho
Other than looking awesome, is there a specific purpose to the exhuast being routed out infront of the hack? Was it in the way of the subframe?
Yeah, I have a couple of reasons....which work for me, anyway,LOL.

Sub-frame interference being at the top of the list, as you surmised.

#2, if I have to carry the weight, let me put it on the hack side where it will do the most good. for it's "ugliness...." I used the original mid pipe, and an extension off the shortenned header to mimic original length, for low end torque., And the John Deere tractor muffler is a copy of what some guys are using with great success on their KLR's over at

You really think it looks good? I thought it was uglier than sin! But by all expectations should work well. But "awesome...." Thanks, you made my day.

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