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From The Turkish Med to Europe and back inless than 4 hours!!

Hi folks,

That scallywag Jack Frost has been doing his stuff in these parts too. Took the dogs out for their morning stroll and noticed the garden wasn't its usual green.

A contrast indeed to the same time last week where we had to high tail it out of town and into Europe to get our visas stamped. For those not in the know, British nationals can stay in Turkiye for up to 90 days on a Tourist Visa. The other option being to purchase a Residency visa which are a good deal more expensive and confer no special rights. Anyway, we go through this less than arduous process every three months. So it was farewell to the ferocious guard dog

And off down to Kas to park up with some of the local traffic. I love these old Jawa's.

A quick good morning to one of the local geese who keep guard on the marina. This goose was one of a bunch that arrived two years ago in a battered and sorry state with two broken wings. They are thriving now and are well looked after by the local fishermen.

As time was short, and we still had to get to Europe, we got a move on and

after handing our passports over to the ferryman we waited. Europe by road was over 1200km away. By sea it was 2km away. The part of Europe we were heading for was Meis to the locals, Kastellorizo to the Greeks who own it, it's nearest Greek neighbour being Rhodes. Over 100kms away. The population once peeked 14000 but that has long since declined. Nowadays life is slow and geared towards the tourist and visa hunter. A few pics to follow;

Now I am sure that the island has a wonderful heritage, is steeped in history and there are ancient artefacts on every corner but, being a creature of habit, I was lulled back to the mainland by the siren song created by the breeze blowing across an open bottle of an ancient local remedy.

All in all, not a bad way of preventing being locked up as an illegal immigrant. Anyway, back on the bike and up in the mountains tomorrow.


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