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Hi Everyone,

I have a new F800gs that now has 350 miles on it. I have been having an issue with it stalling for the last few days. The first time it happened, my display showed about 65 miles range remaining, and it happened at low RPM. I started it back up and made my way to a gas station. On the way there, it cut out about 10 more times at various speeds and RPMs. When I got to the gas station, I put 2.5 gallons into it (full), and after a few minutes, it ran fine. No further issues.

Puzzled by this, I drained the tank down (with a pump) nearly to the point of the light coming on. It ran with no issues for about 20 miles.

I wondered if there may have been a clog in the air-inlet to the gas tank or something. I filled the tank back up, and did some more riding. I emailed the dealership to ask if there were any software updates or open items for my bike, and they said there were not. He said that I should try opening the gas tank if it happens again because there may be negative pressure there.

Today, when the tank got back down to about 65 miles range (again), the bike sputtered out (again). It had run perfectly for the entire tank of gas until that point. I opened the gas cap, closed it, and started it up again. The bike did run for about 3 miles but then had the same issue. From that point on, it didn't matter how much I opened the gas tank, it made no difference. I filled the tank back up to the top (3.2 gallons), and have run another 50 miles since then with no issues.

Does anyone have any idea what could be going on? I am skeptical about the vent tube to the gas tank being the issue because wouldn't opening the gas tank solve that? If that were the issue, would it run perfectly until the tank got down to 65 miles range? Please give me your thoughts.

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