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charcoal canister.

Originally Posted by chunter
Thanks for your help everyone. I believe I have corrected the problem. It was with the charcoal canister. As per another post elsewhere, I just plugged both of the fittings on the canister (so that dirt won't get in there), put a filter on the vent-tube to the tank, plugged the other tube that was connected to the canister, and I'm good to go! It will be easy to put back if I decide to have the dealership fix it, but frankly, the canister seems like a failure point that doesn't really add anything.

Thank you everyone for your help. I will check in after a few tanks of gas for a final confirmation that this was a cure.

The first thing the dealer did was to bypass the canister on my bike and it made no difference. I asked the tech if there was a fuel filter and he said that he did not know. The common thing here is the low fuel levels. I have taken mine to the warning lite. The level was above it when it stalled.
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