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Originally Posted by dolomoto
I can do that!

Rode a R1200RT a few times for about 100 miles total.

Vs. a Concours14...

The RT: Great fit/finish, lots of high tech stuff, smooth ride (with the ESP), engine was surprisingly powerful. For me (6'1", 200lbs), the ergos were great as delivered. Comfortable seat (in highest position). Nicely designed stock windscreen. But, the price..OUCH!

The C14: Also nicely finished, fantastic engine (stock)...unbelievably powerful when liberated (flies out, remapped FI), ergos...I added 1.5" bar risers and a beaded seat (WalMart) for the LD rides (>300 miles).
Thanks, that's a big help. Mainly I was wondering about ergos; I've got bar backs and dropped pegs on my RT (I'm 6'0").

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