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What a nice bike that looks like...!! My rusty rider needs everything and to make it look like yours I'd have to add $4000.00 to my investment to bring the total to hmmm let's see here.. Uh .. Oh yeah $4150.00. I found one of my old Kowa metal "dealer" boxes of special tools embossed with "HONDA" and "CB125-160" . Unfortunatly it's empty so I have to find the innards but that will be a nice display along with my rusty bike. As soon as I get some additional tools besides the partial bearing puller and partial valve spring compressor I'll try to post pictures of a 1960's "dealer initial" cb125/160 tool set. I won some piston ring compressors this morning on ebay for the "box" from a dealer back east. I don't remember ever using these when I was a mechanic nor do I remember any of my mechanics ever using them. Screwdrivers and fingers seemed to work fine. Most of the special tools were never used but we had to buy the boxes anyway. A NOS cheng shin 2.50 x 18 (Tiawanese for "don't ride fast") 2 ply showed up today to replace the very out of place 300/18 knobby on the front wheel. Maybe get it mounted this week. Dave
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