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Old school rides: Let's see 'em!

This forum came about not just for the airheads, though quite a few folks here own at least one.

This is also about vintage iron. The stuff we grew up on. Lusting about, dreaming about on a sunny afternoon after seeing a bike go by. Some of us have been fortunate enough to own the bikes of our dreams, of our youth. Here's a spot just for those machines.

So show us your good stuff. Show us the bikes we all grew up with.

Mine started life as a Yamaha RD350, 1982. Not available in the US, it was the LC model, which was liquid cooled but without the power valve on the exhaust of the later RZ models. In the rest of the world, the RZ's were still called the RD's.

Mine is an old race bike, restored to the street, with some mods along the way. It's got the '85 RZ motor and tranny, '83 RZ upper and lower fairing, '84 RZ front end and footpegs, plus various other little tweaks and goodies like carbs of the '79 Daytona 400 cause they're 2mm larger.

So whatcha got hiding in your garage? TD, we know you got some good stuff under them tarps in your garage. Let's see 'em!

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