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Originally Posted by Frank Warner
When was the last time you cleaned out the carbys ... could be some crud at the bottom of the needles' hole. Got some oil blow by? Then you will have crud. Unless you reroute the breather.
Oh, you better find the problem and fix it before something finds it way to the inlet valve!
Cleaned the jet stack, pulled it and dissasembled it, nothing, looks fine, no trash at all, I got twin inline paper element autotype fuel filters post tank, and got no trash from blow by, that plumbing's a little differant now . um, the motor has eaten several c clips no harm done, I've pulled the jugs and checked. When I take it apart early it seems like there must be a lot of extra movement somewhere as the c clip ring is worn loose, it will wear till the whole shoulder is gone and it drops. So where do I look for wear and who can get me specs of what size those parts should be?

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