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Originally Posted by garrett
Hi Folks

I'm trying to plan a little get away with my daughter to the Grand Canyon in March and would like to do a side trip to one of the air museums. Being a litle deficient in the area of local geography I would appreciate some advice from you knowledgeable folks reading this thread.

My two choices are Calgary to Las Vegas, or Phoenix. I'm guessing Phoenix is the better choice but would appreciate info on the proximity of the canyon and the air museum. Comments on where to stay would be great as well.



I promise I'll post my pictures. I'm really enjoying this thread. The pics of the warbirds are great. The Police helicopter shots are cool as well.

If you go to PHX the only museum I know of there is the Commemerative Air Force (was Confederate Air Force thanks to political correctness) has a pretty nice museum east of Phoenix at Falcon field in Mesa abot 10 miles east off of the I-60.

The Planes of Fame air museum in Chino has a satellite museum at the Valle airport not too far from the Grand Canyon, not been there yet but heard it is nice.

Tucson has the Pima Air Museum, just off of the I-10 at Valencia exit, south side of Davis-Monthan Airforce Base, a really nice museum, with lots to see and you can buy a ticket for a bus ride through the Boneyard on the base.
There is also a restored ICBM launch base close by also, haven't been there yet either, soon though.
South side of the base, there are several civilian scrapyards with some interesting aircraft awaiting their fate......
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