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Originally Posted by Frank Warner

Ummm... some advise replacing the seat along with the needle as they both ware together.

Is it the clip or its seat that is worn? ... If your have put in new clips and they are dropping out then I'd be looking at
1) the seat ... means you need a new piston $$ ...
2) the clip ... you certain you are gettting the correct clip?

... good puzzle ... may be the best place is the airhead list for this. Good Luck.

Ok, which part are you refering to as the seat? Here are the doc I've got on the carbs.

The parts which are failing are parts #14b and #4, I am replacing these with OEM parts, and any time I am in there I replace both of those parts at the same time with new OEM. Mine has clip style #14b and retainer style #15b. These are 64-3 carbs. Could the problem be that parts #2, #3, and #10 are worn? Or would it be #13 that is to blame? I have spoken to Bing and they say mail them in and we'll figure it out. sounds like a lot of money to me. FYI, the bike has about 140,000 miles on it now.

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